HipHopUKtv – Theme – Leave It Alone (Produced by Micall Parknsun) @REALTHEME @MicallParknsun

Dope new video from the one like Theme, been waiting for a new theme for a minute, been playing alot of his stuff out if you have heard any of my recent sets, big ups theme and not forgetting micall parknsun on the button, salute.


Clothing Brand To Watch….CRMC Clothing @CRMC_Clothing

I got linked to these guys through a mutual friend a few weeks ago and really like what they are doing, there designs are very Hip Hop to me using alot of graff influences with skulls and dope designs.

The first piece that took my eye was there “Sayagata IX” Grey Crewneck Sweatshirt:


I placed my order and received it next day, which is quite rare these days, the quality of the jumper is one of the best ive bought in a long time, alot better than some of the more known brands out there that are charging alot more for similar designs, the jumper came with stickers and some feathers which at first i though how strange but then i realised that CRMC stands for Conspiring Ravens Murderous Crows Clothing which kinda makes sense now, they had hand written on the tags aswell which althogugh dosent sound alot that means to me these are guys that care about there customers and there clothing.

I already have my eye on a few more things to buy from them so make sure you check them out at the following places.

Ben Baller Makes The Worlds Most Expensive Chain Ever $3,000,000 Plus

Ben Baller jeweler to the stars gets set this challenge by skate company the hundreds to make the worlds most expensive chain, i dont belive this is true my self ive heard people saying its not real, its abit stupid really but i know theres alot of hype around this so thought id post it up for you to make your own mind up:


Estevan Oriol Documents FUZI UVTPK Tattooing In Los Angeles @Jokerbrand

Im a massive fan of everything and anything that Estevan Oriol does, i love his style and swag. This is a little video of him documenting french artist FUZI UVTPK on his first trip to L.A where he tattooed clients at SA Studios.

“I like to tattoo in unusual places, so in addition to the tattoo event, Zio and I organized a private tattoo session on a rooftop in downtown L.A., and iconic photographer Estevan Oriol documented it. It was a great experience,” said FUZI.

Keiichi Tanaami x Stussy Guest Artist Series @Stussy

Here is a little video stussy have released about there colab with legendary artist Keiichi Tanaami for a collection of t’s.

The Keiichi Tanaami x Stussy Guest Artist Series is currently available through with T-shirts retailing for $38 USD.

Some Graff And Street Art Pics Ive Come Across This Week.

As my regular viewers know im a big fan of graff and street art, i always save images i come across so here a few that have caught my ey the last few weeks, again im unaware of most of the artists these are just pics i come across while browsing various sites. Enjoy, share and keep checking back for more post like this šŸ™‚