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About Me

Whats good everyone, im Andy Systematik, thanks for passing through my blog, im trying to post things that are true to me, more of quality over quantity, these pics below really some up what my lifes about.

Im a massive fan of everything Hip-Hop, i dont just listen to the music, i embrace the culture and everything about it. I first heard hip-hop when i was 13 ( 31 ) now and have been all over the country djing and as a fan seeing the cream of the crop of u.k and us artists. Ive seen gza, jay z, nas, dialated people, big daddy kane, master ace, beatnuts, jeru the damaja, dj premier j cole, rodney p, ty, moorish delta, late plus loads more and this year im djing along side the like of rodney p, black twang, ty, moorish delta 7, late, big dutty deeze and kyza along side my mentor and good friend Tricksta park street who is a big inspiration to me and has really put me on.

I play real hip-hop, im a massive queensbridge fan, i grew up on nas, mobb deep, big noyd, tradegy khadafi and cormega but also like to play alot of more consious stuff from people like 9th wonder, talib kweli, skyzoo, torae, little brother, im also a life long wu tang fan.

Im resident dj for tricksta park streets beats and bars in wolverhampton and rap in da box cambridge, im involved in promoting beats and bars too working along side tricksta, we have some great evernts planned this year feat the uks finest so look out for posts as and when dates are confirmed.

As you can see im very passionate about fashion and sneakers aswell which i try to throw in to the blog to mix it up abit, look out for cooking videos and tips aswell as im a big fan of bbq and street food.

Hope you enjoy the blog, if you do feel free to leave me a comment and if theres anything you think id be in


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