HipHopUKtv – Theme – Leave It Alone (Produced by Micall Parknsun) @REALTHEME @MicallParknsun

Dope new video from the one like Theme, been waiting for a new theme for a minute, been playing alot of his stuff out if you have heard any of my recent sets, big ups theme and not forgetting micall parknsun on the button, salute.


Rap In Da Box Event At Finsbury Park London @DillahDoesThis @mistahbiggz1

So friday night me Big dutty deeze and tricksta drove down to london for rap in da box, after a long journey down there and a dodgey cab ride to the club we arived to find a dope venue full of hungry hiphop heads ready to party with us.

Tricksta got the party stared with a heavy hitting set of classic and forgoten gems mixed together in his usual seemless way and his larger than life friendly vibes on the mic.

I really enjoyed my set and played alot of british and american stuff id been looking forward to playing out. All artists smashed there sets and the crowd were on pint all night.

Heres the documentarys from the night and look out for more dope nights from rap in da box.

U.K Rapper Logic – Question Everything @logicarmy

South London rapper Logic comes with dope new track with Beat Thief on the buttons, this is real conscious music. On this track logic drops science questioning things that we take for granted in everyday life, instead of me talking about it go listen to it, check his message and look out for his music.

Caxton Press – ‘Shame The Devil’ LP @CaxtonPress


This is a massive album from londons Caxton press, i remember seeing them live last year at rhythm factory in london and they tore the place down, so much enrgy on stage.

Again like the theme track this is how i remember and what got me into uk hip hop, dark undiluted beats with hard lyrics flows and a real message behind it all.

The album was voted uk hip hop album of the year by word play magazine, and quite rightly so its a beast of a debut album!!

Check out a few tracks from the album:

Check all things caxton and buy the amazing album at the following links, looking forward to seeing this crew out and about at gigs this year, salute!!

Theme – Toys Get Smoked.@REALTHEME


Just came across this ep from London rapper Theme. The E.P is dope, some sik sik productions from BeatButcha, Iron Braydz, IMS, YoungLevs + QuinceyTones + Feat: M9, Reveal, Tony D + Geneseis Elijah, i really like the way he spits, real lyrics with a message.

Deffo go check this one is you love uk hip-hop thats authentic and real.

New track from Theme ft Skirmz and Caxton Press’s eMCee Killa – Last of a Dying Breed. @REALTHEME @RhymeAsylum @emceekillalot @7thdanmkd @CaxtonPress @GlobalFaction

New video from Theme featuring Skirmz and Caxton Press’s eMCee Killa, this tune is everything i love about our sound, uk hiphop at its best, grimey dark beats with real life lyrical flows. This tune is too real!!

Interact with them here:

Latest Video From U.K Legend Ty – Like You Never @tymusic @ParkStreetPR

ty like

What can i say about Ty, apart from he’s one of the veterans of the uk scene who has stood the test of time and is still making music that is relevant and fresh today as he was ten years ago!

Ive see Ty live a few times and he’s more than a rapper on stage, he’s got an energy and a presence that alot of rappers lack these days!!

Here is the first video to be taken from a two stage EP called Kick Snare And An Idea:

This what the man him self had to say about the project:

” It’s simply what the title suggests – music made from a hip hop understanding, but with different approaches (I don’t like to repeat things).”

Interact with Ty here: