HipHopUKtv – Theme – Leave It Alone (Produced by Micall Parknsun) @REALTHEME @MicallParknsun

Dope new video from the one like Theme, been waiting for a new theme for a minute, been playing alot of his stuff out if you have heard any of my recent sets, big ups theme and not forgetting micall parknsun on the button, salute.


5n6 – Walk With Me ft. Lil Pobidansta + Studio Freestyle @FivenSix

Luton producer and recording artist ‘5n6’ has just freshly released his debut solo music video for the track ‘Walk With Me’. The track features fellow Luton rapper and second cousin of 5n6: ‘Lil Pobidansta’ on the second verse. The track is a quality self produced track and is heavy with 808’s and classic violins setting the mood. The music video was also directed and edited by 5n6 with assistance from a local student for most of the camera operation.

The video takes you through the town centre of this up and coming artists hometown and finishes with footage/audio mixed in from a studio session where the artist is freestyling in the booth.

5n6 has been a core part of three recent UK Runnings mixtapes. He is a part of the crew ‘XO The Rebellion’ (A studio collaboration with Himself, Tommy DMO and Closure) who have a mixtape out now on datpiff called ‘Kush & Cognac’. 5n6 also released two boom bap style hip hop mixtapes as half of the rap duo ‘Collective Underground’.

Currently 5n6 is in his studio writing and recording the final tracks for his debut self produced album: ‘Parameters’ which is set for release at the end of summer 2013.

K.O.T.T (Knights Of The Turntables) – On Road EP @kott_raw @Trickstauk


K.O.T.T (Knights Of The Turntables) – On Road EP

1. Shang & DJ Alzee – Devil’s Face
2. Shang Feat. DJ Wreckless – Epic Fail
3. IC1 – Hold Faith 0
4. Shang – World Of Wordcraft
5. IC1 & Shang Feat. Gemma Anderson – Truth In You
6. Shang & DJ Alzee – Multiple Targets

Download link:


Still available K.O.T.T (Knights Of The Turntables) – Deadly Alliance

New Video Gee Bag – Lyrical Digest @GEEBAGULAR

Brand new video from Croydon rapper Gee Bag, this catches you from the off with its head nodding hypnotic beat as Gee spits venom educating cats on who he is and slaying anyone who gets in his way, really feeling this tune deffo gonna be playing this one out and about the next coming months, satyed tune for more releases.

U.K Rapper Logic – Question Everything @logicarmy

South London rapper Logic comes with dope new track with Beat Thief on the buttons, this is real conscious music. On this track logic drops science questioning things that we take for granted in everyday life, instead of me talking about it go listen to it, check his message and look out for his music.

Brand New Late Video – Inner City Livin @officiallate @TrickstaUK

So here it is the much anticipated new late video produced by tricksta, this one is hard as ya like, the beat is typical tricksta productions with them imfamous drums and g’d out synths with late spitting his trade mark flow over serious bars about inner citty wolverhampton and the world.

Ive got nothing but love for these two guys here they are two O.G’S of the british scene not forgetting the us and round the world connec, salute to these two real grinders!

Peep the video here:

The Icepick – It’s Just Me and You Produced by DJ Supreme @ParkStreetPR

The Icepick is probably the most multi-faceted emcee in the UK game, and is unarguably one of its best. He has one of the games most viscous flows, battles at an incredibly high level, and has a body of work that is both varied and experimental. Check out his new video here:

Connect with The Icepick a.k.a Jack Jones