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Street Food, Hip Hop and Life……. @andylownslow @Donna5975 @andysystematik

Well guys, ive been away for a while from here, life has been moving pretty fast the last couple of months. Where do i start, well…as you know im a big fan of street food and was in the process of setting up my business, well, things have spiraled alot lately, the business has been trading officially one week and ive got bookings at street food events around the midlands and beyond for the next three months.

It all started as an idea of getting a small food trailer and trading from a local industrial estate trying to push my style of american BBQ to the factory workers, after attending a business planning course via the local job center ( very helpful i cant praise them enough ) the idea spiraled after going to Digbeth dining club in Birmingham and made me think im better than pushing my food to people who dont really want it, so Low ‘N’ Slow was born.

I decided to test the waters bu taking inspiration from Hip Hop legends and decided to do a pop up in my garage, basically i advertised for a few days to locals id be selling pulled pork and chilli brisket cobs out my garage, loads turned up and that lead to me picking up a regular saturday at my local pub that is doing really well, im introducing people to my food and bringing new people in return to my local pub, for this i will be ever grateful to the owners.

After endless phone calls, emails, driving around and ordering equipment, plus hundreds of tasting sessions i secured a load of work with various market promoters in the midlands and did my first stall last wednesday at the new street farmers market birmingham, i then did wolverhampton farmers market that friday and got drafted in to do a late slot at digbeth dining club on the evening, finishing up the first weeks trading with my local pub saturday.

What a first week!! Due to this i have picked up the massive Boom Bap Hip Hop festival in september and alot of other work.

It’s quite over whelming how far me and my girl friend donna have come in such a short space of time but i wouldnt have it any other way.

If you get chance take a look and add my new pages, ill be posting more Hip Hop art and fashion on here now so keep checking back to me.


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