Stussy x Plan Check “Revenge of the Burger Culture Clash”

Damm this burger looks tasty, the ‘SS PCB’ the burger is a Wagyu beef pattie are layered with two thick strips of smoked bacon and smothered with melted habañero cheese. Garnished with onions and thin pickles, the burger is accompanied with fries, a house-made cruller donut, and a pint of beer.

The appetizing burger will be available throughout May at Los Angeles gastro-pub Plan Check.

I wish i was in L.A.




Digbeth Dining Club May Menu Of Delights @DigbethDiner

If you dont know about digbeth and there dining club and are in the midlands, a street food lover and like a good time, what have you been doing, the concept is brilliant and simple, they are bridging the gap between after work dining and pre club eating/drinking, the set up is a nice courtyard where the traders set up and a nice bar with relaxed lighting, cool decor and a dj spinning chilled beats and breaks, all the traders up here are really friendly like minded people who all share one thing in common, a passion for good, fresh great tasting food.

Make sure you get down to one of these, support the guys and the main thing…treat your self to affordable gourmet street food.


Low and Slow Street Food Available For Private Catering And All Occasions

Hey guys just wanted to put a little post on here to let everyone know that I’m now doing catering for private party’s, weddings, summer bbq’s and anything else.

What I can do is provide a menu of mouth watering low and slow cooked American-style food with my own twist.

I specialise in low and slow cooking, here is a sample menu:

8 hour low and slow smokey brisket chilli. A whole brisket is used for this, cooked low and slow until the beef breaks down and shreds, its cooked in a rich spicy tomato based sauce using a secret blend of spices and ingredients then finished with fresh roasted peppers and kidney beans. A must try for all chilli fans! Can be made to various heats too so it doesn’t have to be blow your head off hot.

12 Hour low and slow pulled shoulder of local pork. For this I use a whole shoulder of local pork that is marinaded overnight then cooked at a very low temp for anything up to 12 hours plus, when cooked the bone slides out with two fingers and falls apart to mouth watering perfection, perfection cant be rushed so this takes time but the end results are amazing. The pork when shreaded is seasoned with my home made spice blend and tossed in home made smokey bbq sauce or can be served with out sauce.

BBQ baby back ribs. For these I put a home made dry rub on the ribs 24 hours before cooking, then apply again before they go in to a low oven and cook for 4 hours then finished under the grill smothered in home made sweet heat bbq sauce untill the meat falls off the bone.

Home made smokey bacon baked beans. Forget Heinz, these beans are serious, simular to the chilli i cook a rich spicy smokey tomato base sauce flavoured with smokey paprika, chipotle chillis, bay and smokey lardons of local bacon. The beans are a great side to serve with the pulled pork. A must try.

I also do whole chickens marinaded in either cajun spices or bbq, spatchcock it and cook it on a bbq untill browned smokey and juicy chicken perfection is achieved.

Home made ‘apple slaw made with fresh home made smokey lime mayo, carrot, white cabbage, spring greens and fresh crunchy apple.

All of these dishes can be served with fries, home made cajun spiced wedges or basmati rice. Flat breads or roti.

Heres a few pics of what I do.

If anyone is interested please contact me for rates at please follow me at the following places for pics recipes and updates. If you like the sound of this help me spread the word and share this with your friends, thanks 🙂

Digbeth Dining Club The Street Food Revolution Of Birmingham @DigbethDiner @TheMexicanBean1 @jabberwockyfood @OriginalPattyM

I’ve been passionate about street food in England for years now so it’s so nice to see it coming to Birmingham and so many people working together to make it happen and support each other.

Digbeth Dining Club has been running for a few months now but I only made it up last night to see what all the hype was about. We got there to the court yard which each week has three different street food traders sell their delicious food to like minded foodies and people who like and appreciate good food. There are benches to sit with heaters and cover, then there is a bar which used to be an old warehouse, the vibe is very relaxed with the dj spinning chilled instramental beats and laid back hiphop tracks. There are a selection of beers on draft, spirits, wine and cocktails as you sit on a sofa eating some of the best street food around. The lighting is low and its got a certain ambiance that excites me.

Last night the traders were:

The Mexican Bean guys who sell mexican flavours.



I had the nachos supreme which was their slow cooked shredded beef that was out of this world, the beef was so tender and flavoursome, the cheese was delicious and the hot salsa really complemented everything alongside the guacamole and chipotle sauce, if you think you have had ‘nachos’ before, trust me you haven’t until you have had The mexican bean nachos. Cant wait to work my way through the rest of the menu over the next few months.

For all details of these lovely people make sure you follow them on twitter and add them up on facebook.

Jabberwocky serving up gourmet toasties.

I’d read their menu earlier in the day and got quite excited at the thought of their smoked pigeon breast, Red Leicester, spring onions and redcurrant sauce toastie, I’ve wanted to try pigeon for ages so this was first on my list, again the guys are a lovely couple really friendly and talkative with real passion for food. The pigeon was smoked by themselves and was perfect, a mild smoke flavour which was just right, didn’t dominate but was there, the strong red leicester cheese was delish when melted then the slight edge of the spring onion really set it off, such a great original idea for a toastie i cant wait to try what they do next!

Again make sure you follow and support what these guys are doing here.



Original Patty Men serving THE best burgers in town for sure.

As I had eaten at all the other stalls I had to try these amazing looking burgers from these guys. Again i had seen the menu earlier in the day and been a big burger fan i had to try their original patty with cheese. The burger was mouth wateringly delicious, the bun sweet and soft with the beautiful beef patty that is a real treat alongside the melted cheese, onions, mustard and sauce, this is the best I’ve had, i find a lot of burgers are greasy and the patty is rubbish quality this ticks all the box’s for me and again cant wait to try their other creations. The krispy kreme as a bun is calling out to be tried


Make sure you get down to Digbeth and try all of this amazing food for yourselves trust me you won’t be disappointed, hopefully some time in the future when I have my van up and running you will see me at one of these events, until then, I’ll support these guys and make myself fat in the process hehe.


Brum Yum Yum – Street Food Hit Birmingham Saturday 13th Aprill. @brumyumyum

So if you dont know about the street food revolution what have you been eating?

Street food has been making alot of noise ( and beautiful smells ) in london now for a few years, i first came across it at nottinghill carnival and down brick lane and various places, its basically specialist stalls/vans/tents that set up and serve fresh seasonal food and ingredients to like minded modern foodies. Expect things like slow cooked bbq ribs, smoked pulled pork, burritos, gourmet toasties, wood smoked piiza and loads more. Im actually really excited about this as im in the process of setting up my own street food van.

If you are in the area make sure you pass through and see what everyone is talking about ( and eating )


Some Pics Of Food Ive Been Cooking Last Few Weeks.

Ive been doing alot of cooking the last few weeks due to me starting up my food van real soon, been cooking some nice 8 hours brisket chilli, whole shoulders of pork, home made baked beans, baby back ribs and venison steaks, the pics look kinda cool so thought id share them 🙂