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Low ‘N’ Slow … New Street Food Traders For Hire.

This is my baby, my brain child, everything ive been doing the last few months so here is all of my info so you can come out try my food, hire us or just follow us what we are doing out and about.

Low ‘N’ Slow are new traders bursting onto the street food scene with their american inspired slow cooked dishes, they specialise in using lesser known cuts of meat and cooking them at low temperatures for a long periods of time, the food is inspired by the great american pit masters and using the Low ‘N’ Slow method provides mouthwatering tender fall apart meat, rich smokey sauces and amazing depths of flavor. All ingredients used are sourced locally and made on our premises often cooking through out the night to achieve meaty perfection. Our main specialty’s are 12 hour chilli brisket and pulled pork, all of which are served on a beautiful freshly baked cob with apple ‘slaw and home made sweet heat BBQ sauce, we will also be doing specials depending on seasonal ingredients.

Follow us at the following places:




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