5n6 – Walk With Me ft. Lil Pobidansta + Studio Freestyle @FivenSix

Luton producer and recording artist ‘5n6’ has just freshly released his debut solo music video for the track ‘Walk With Me’. The track features fellow Luton rapper and second cousin of 5n6: ‘Lil Pobidansta’ on the second verse. The track is a quality self produced track and is heavy with 808’s and classic violins setting the mood. The music video was also directed and edited by 5n6 with assistance from a local student for most of the camera operation.

The video takes you through the town centre of this up and coming artists hometown and finishes with footage/audio mixed in from a studio session where the artist is freestyling in the booth.

5n6 has been a core part of three recent UK Runnings mixtapes. He is a part of the crew ‘XO The Rebellion’ (A studio collaboration with Himself, Tommy DMO and Closure) who have a mixtape out now on datpiff called ‘Kush & Cognac’. 5n6 also released two boom bap style hip hop mixtapes as half of the rap duo ‘Collective Underground’.

Currently 5n6 is in his studio writing and recording the final tracks for his debut self produced album: ‘Parameters’ which is set for release at the end of summer 2013.




3 Hour UK Hip Hop Podcast From @Trickstauk For @SturbanClothing

Well what can i say mr Hip Hop UK him self tricky tricks has gone done it again, 3 hours, yeah i said it 3 hours of the best UK Hip Hop around, this is a treat for your ears so dont sleep go grab it now kick back and enjoy.


01 – Reveal – Melika (Lost Ones)
02 – Dash Gambino Feat. Salah – Stressin
03 – Mindz – Losin’ My Mind
04 – Black The Ripper – 10 Feet Tall
05 – TBear – 64 Bars
06 – Caxton Press – I Wanna See
07 – Genesis Elijah – Underground King
08 – Knights Of The Turntables – Death Moves2
09 – Big Ben, Supar Novar & Terra Slim – Skyfall
10 – Mr. Ti2bs Feat. Kico, Big Ben & Styla – Go Forth
11 – K9 Feat. Dunndee – Beast
12 – LATE – Inner City Livin
13 – Braydz – Gregory Pale
14 – Big Dutty Deeze Feat. Unseen & Mistah Biggz – Bad Man (Tricksta Remix)
15 – Night Movements – Double Threat
16 – Lost Alliance – My Side Of Things
17 – Theme Feat. Skirmish & Emceekilla – Last Of A Dying Breed
18 – Yaeo Feat. Wordsmiff – Call 4 Help
19 – Joe Black Feat. Squeeks – I’m On It
20 – B-iLLA Feat. Big Dutty Deeze – Move Back
21 – Harry Shotta – Shuttin’ It Down
22 – XOTR – Red & Black
23 – Shade1 – Hard Body
24 – Jesse James Empire Feat. Slayer from SN1 – Man Down
25 – BiGGis – Gorrilla Muzik Freestyle
26 – Sir Tomz – Gassed Up
27 – KNers – Play Your Position
28 – Split Prophets – Drop of Poison
29 – Flowlosopha – Hard Times
30 – Jack Da Union – Wrong Turn
31 – Non Applicable – Golden
32 – Kal Sereousz Feat. T-Bear, Big Cakes & Cyclonious – London Town
33 – Kay Martay aka Mr Drastick Feat. Chris Moses – Alive On Arrival
34 – Carasel – H.I.Y.W
35 – AC – Let It Rain
36 – Razor – The Break Up
37 – FDot1 – I’m A Rebel
38 – Unseen Feat. Big Dutty Deeze – Livin The Dream
39 – Arise King David – My Goodness Im Hungry
40 – Mistah Biggz Feat. Big Dutty Deeze – Live
41 – Baron Samedi – Bars
42 – Just Muz & Miss Tofelees – Me & My Conscience
43 – Cons Feat. TBear & Cory Cry – She Knows Me
44 – K.I.N.E.T.I.K. – Flying High
45 – Terra Slim – Energy
46 – Conscious Route – Heaven
47 – Innuendo Feat. Tony D – Not A Love Song
48 – Xidus Pain & Remulak- Homeslice
49 – Multiple Skills – What I See
50 – Twissman Feat. Tenny Tenn – Hell Of A Night


StraightRealism.com – Late Night Rollin (Hosted by LATE) @officiallate @straightrealism @parkstreetpr



So here it is, the epic thirty track mixtape supporting the best in underground Hip Hop bought to you by Street king, Late and his http://www.StraightRealism.com website, the mixtape features artists from the U.K, US, and Australia. LATE, Mr Keyes, Fes Taylor, Wash-Off, Big Pup, Dougie D, Gonja, Moe Bux, Lil B The Big Dawg, G-Hicks, Thugstar, Mizz Lady G, Lon-Meezy, Yung Tweezy, L-Reed, Suny Redd, 7th Sinful, Calico, Super Novar, Mr. CRF, Gutterfame, Evade, Casacas, El Negro, Loco Nay, Mr. Koops, Harsh, Syndrome, DJ Ron G, Mo Dee, AD-1, Lost Alliance, Statick The S.U.G, C-Raw, Tusche De Costa, Marv Kinnel & Dan Kennedy ALL mixed and hosted by the man him self, this is a dope mixtape so dont sleep because you know late only deals with the cream of the underground.



Holla at late at the following places:

Connect with Straight Realism



Connect with LATE





Also make sure you have got Late’s latest album Street Science.


N.O.R.E. – Student Of The Game Video Documentary

Noreagae aka N.O.R.E. aka papi is set to release his 6th studio album ‘Student Of The Game’ he teams up with Hot 97 for a documentary which documents his journey of making the LP.

The first single from the album produced by legendary producer large professor has been on constant rotation by me, peep it here along side the documentary.

Student Of The Game drops April 16.

Recomended Listen Edo G – Intelligence and Ignorance @edogboston

I got introduced to Edo G a couple weeks ago by a friend, cant belive i hadnt heard this guy before, my friend said andy listen to this, it’s you, so i got my self a copy of the album and instantly fell in love with it, this album reminds me of little brother, it’s grown up mans hiphop, beautiful sampled boom bap beats with straight from the heart real lyrics.


Heres a video from the amazing album, make sure you go cop the album and check Edo on twitter.